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6 Easy Methods For Healthy Rugs

Posted on October 28, 2022

Professional rug cleaning in Claremont done by United Carpet Cleaning gives your rugs new life. It doesn’t matter how much dust they’ve accumulated or how many years they’ve gone neglected, our cleaning technicians are experts when it comes to reinvigorating your rugs. By using the latest and most innovative techniques, we make rug cleaning in Claremont a valuable service!

There are also other ways you can maintain healthy rugs throughout your home. Sometimes the simplest measures provide an extra benefit and require just a few minutes of your time every week. Claremont rug cleaning comes in several different forms and based on the opinions of United Carpet Cleaning, you can help your rugs with these 6 easy methods.

1. Rotation 

Keeping your rugs in the same position all the time isn’t good. Eventually, the spots with higher traffic will wear out faster than the rest of the rug, which doesn’t look appealing. One side will show its age drastically more than the other. Take a couple of minutes every week or so and rotate your rugs around. 

Area rugs wrapped around furniture are especially vulnerable to deteriorating faster. For example, if you have a rug that extends beneath a coffee table or couch, the parts exposed are going to get more foot traffic. And the parts underneath the furniture will be compressed and flattened. Regular rotation balances things out and makes your rugs look better!

2. Vacuuming

Bringing out the vacuum on a regular basis is a major key to proper rug cleaning in Claremont. Dust and pollen find ways to infiltrate your house and trap themselves deep within your carpets and rugs. In between Claremont rug cleaning appointments from United Carpet Cleaning, vacuuming helps maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

3. Flipping

Some rugs are reversible and have displayable patterns on both sides. If your rugs have those capabilities, use them to your advantage! You can prevent lots of potential damage by turning over the rugs and limiting the amount of exposure. It may sound rather insignificant, but flipping your rugs will make a difference. 

4. Limit Light Exposure 

Direct sunlight can damage your rug in the long term, causing colors and textures to fade. Similar to how flipping your rug protects against continuous usage, changing where sunlight hits your rug provides some balance. This ensures the same spot doesn’t get hit by light day after day. 

5. Spot Cleaning

Stains are the main culprit when people decide to throw away their rugs. You were careless one night and may have spilled some red wine on a beige carpet – it’s ruined forever. No, it’s not! Pick up the phone and call United Carpet Cleaning immediately for rug cleaning in Claremont. Then, go into your house cleaning cabinet and concoct a homemade spot cleaner for the meantime.

6. Professional Rug Cleaning

Time can be critical in certain situations because if you have a nasty spill on your rug, the longer you wait equates to a more permanent stain. Your best solution is professional rug cleaning in Claremont because our talented team of technicians is ready to treat your rugs with exceptional care. We believe in serving the community to the best of our abilities and offer reliable rug cleaning to everyone in Claremont.

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