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Is My Bed Causing An Allergic Reaction?

Posted on July 29, 2022

Do you ever find that you sneeze more each time you wash your hair? Or that you get hives after a nice picnic in the park? This is because there are certain moments in life where you expose yourself to allergens and irritants of all kinds. And these can be found in very unexpected and mundane places. They can even be found in your mattress.

You would think that there is some refuge from allergies, but no. Not even in your sleep can you receive a respite from the constant barrage of pollen, dander, and other allergens. Luckily there is a way around this with mattress cleaning in Claremont. With a simple cleaning, you can reduce the stockpile of allergy-inducing substances on any surface, even a mattress.

Why does a bed cause allergy flare ups?

You can see that there are all kinds of oils and dirt that collect on clothing and skin. It is why we wash ourselves and our clothing. But these same bits of grime and soil also end up on our bed. Though it may take longer for them to accumulate, they can certainly build up to intense proportions.

This is why we also go through the trouble of washing our bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, etc. But even those are passing along some of their soils to the mattress itself. So even as you wash everything in your home, without mattress cleaning, this stockpile of potential allergens is only growing.

Then you add the activity of sleeping, which is not always restful. As you toss and turn and move on the bed, these fine and often imperceptible irritants are moved into the air or onto your skin causing a reaction. This is very similar to how walking on a carpet kicks up dust and allergens trapped in it, which is similarly solved with carpet cleaning.

How do you reduce bed-born allergens? 

With professional mattress cleaning, you are using a mixture of moisture, pressure, and heat. This is similar to putting your clothing through the washer and dryer. The result is the elimination of all materials not native to the fabric of your mattress. Which is to say, everything gets clean.

This cleaning is more effective than just running your vacuum over the top of your bed. Why is it more effective? Because suction alone does not separate oily and interwoven microparticles from the material of your mattress. Heat and pressure can detangle these substances more completely, so you are not just removing the flakes but rather the source of the allergen deposit.

Your bed is unlikely to be as complex to clean as it would be to clean an oriental rug, but it can still be challenging. You may encounter issues using a wet and wipe DIY approach if you are cleaning a pillow top mattress or cleaning a memory foam mattress. Chief among your concerns will be the use of too much liquid, which will result in you sleeping on the couch or in a soggy bed.

A Final Thought

It is best not to take any risks with a good night’s sleep, and use United Carpet Cleaning, so you know that the job is done correctly. It would be tragic to waste your time and energy, and in your tired state, not even have a clean mattress that you can fall upon to rest your weary soul.

Take out the guesswork with a carpet cleaning company that knows a thing or two about cleaning mattresses. It is time to get back to resting and breathing easy. Call United Carpet Cleaning today!

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