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Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Clean Their Carpets

Posted on August 26, 2022

1. It’s Not That Bad

Most stains are not going to harm you. There are, of course, exceptions, such as feces residue and certain animal urine fumes, but for the most part, the decision to clean a rug is an aesthetic one. It is a choice to live in beauty rather than disarray.

Sure it might be better for your mental health to be in a clean living environment, but the benefits of cleaning your carpet or rug is not a one to one improvement of your cognitive state. Living in a clean environment is only good for you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally if it goes hand-in-hand with a well-maintained and purposeful life.

Leaving a carpet to sit in a stained or odorous state is a sign that there are more pressing concerns in your life besides the filth that surrounds you. If you are improving your life, you will no doubt find that carpet cleaning is a necessary step, though it might not be the first one.

2. Ineffective Cleaning

Cleaning does not seem to work. You have tried a few store-bought cleaning products and worked through a few internet tutorials, and the stain has not improved. Perhaps you have even called a local carpet cleaning company in the past, and they did not do a good job.

Certain stains can only be lightened by cleaning, because the stain is acting much like a colored dye. Many fabrics absorb and do not release colors. Certain substances bond to almost everything they touch. Many stains require quick and decisive cleaning before the stain fully sets.

You might always get the best result when you call a professional carpet cleaning service, but this does not mean that you are going to be able to return every carpet to a like-new condition in every instance. This is just the natural life of fabrics. At a certain point they become unsalvageable.

3. Harmful Cleaning

In some cases, the cleaning you have had in the past did not only not address the problem, it created more issues. For example, the area around the stain may have lost some of its color. This means that the wrong type of cleaning agent was used.

If a chemical is too harsh, it will attack the dye in the carpet fibers the same as it would try to remove the pigment of the unwanted stain. You can also over clean an area and damage the fibers, so the carpet’s texture is irreversibly changed.

If you are using any moisture during your cleaning, you might also inadvertently use too much. This overuse of water can lead to mildew and mold, which can severely damage a carpet. A good rug cleaning service will avoid all these types of harmful cleaning methods.

Closing Thoughts

When you see all the reasons not to clean a carpet spelled out like this, you may feel that these excuses are not enough to keep you living in perpetual filth. If you feel moved to invest in carpet cleaning, be sure to call the right company. United provides carpet cleaning near Claremont, but other than that, do your homework.

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