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Why You Need To Clean Your Mattress This Winter

Posted on December 30, 2022

The winter presents some unique seasonal considerations that may call for mattress cleaning. Fortunately, United Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning services that cover mattresses.

Flu Season

Many illnesses live on surfaces. Usually, softer items and fabrics do not create a long-term habitable environment for viruses and bacteria. But it is better to clean than it is to cross your fingers and hope all of the germs are inert.

With a steam cleaning service, the heat and pressure will get rid of many impurities. However, if you have any deeper stains caused by vomiting or other bodily fluids, they will require deep cleaning. Even without any severe bile stains, having the flu can also generally cause you to sweat, which can stain a mattress.

More Sweat

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but you might end up sweating more at night during the cold winter months than during the summer. Why would there be more sweat? Because when it is cold, you are trying to get warm, which in today’s climate-controlled buildings means getting hot.

Where you might control your air temperature very well during the day when you are up and about to make minor adjustments. But when you are going to be asleep for hours, you will lose that exact control. And if you don’t want to wake up cold in the middle of the night, you might make things too warm.

Even without a heater, you can use too many blankets and end up overheating enough to sweat. But how does sweat necessitate mattress cleaning? As a liquid, sweat penetrates sheets and goes down into the mattress. Because your skin has many natural oils, these can discolor your mattress and leave sickly yellow stains.

Staying Under The Covers 

Although humans don’t hibernate, many people end up spending more time in bed during the winter months. Not just because you are under the weather (as we have already mentioned), but also because of the additional time off.

There are just more holidays during the winter months. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year all allow for sleeping in. Not to mention, if you are a student or work in education, you will have weeks off from work. And more time in a bed does more than increase the number of bodily substances that can pass to the mattress.

As one of the coziest places in the home, some people even decide to eat meals in bed adn drink liquids. Creating a greater risk of coffee and juice spills and drips. If anything ends up on your bed, the sooner you call for mattress cleaning, the more successful the cleaning is likely to be.

Blanket Overuse

There is no reason to have countless blankets floating around your home, but it does mean you need to take blankets around from room to room. This creates opportunities for you to drag the blankets along your floor, only for them to end up back on your mattress.

Even the cleanest floor is still going to have dirt on it. And if you are taking these blankets and using them as you sit on your carpet by the fire or on your couch to watch a classic holiday film, how long has it been since your last carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning?

The more you move a blanket around before bringing it back to rest on your bed for hours, the more dirt and grime are going to be able to get onto the mattress.

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